Smart drones safely swarming in the sky


About the research

Imagine you buy something online and the next day a delivery drone delivers your package at your front door. Robotics engineer Bryan Convens (VUB - FWO) is developing computer algorithms to make this happen. He wants to ensure that swarms of drones can fly autonomously ánd safely through the sky.

Bryan Convens

Bryan Convens is fascinated by how nature magically uses the mechanism of feedback control loops to create resilient and adaptive (non-)living systems that work in harmony. After studying electromechanical engineering, he started a PhD at the Robotics lab of the VUB to improve the decision-making process of automated machines like robots. Inspired by fish schools, ant colonies, bird flocks, he researches how multiple drones should think, talk and act so they can effectively and safely work in a team to improve the quality of our lives.

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