Using stem cells to cure a heart attack

About the research

About the research

During a heart attack, certain heart cells are damaged from which they will never recover. So a patient is forever left with a scar on his heart, which reduces the heart's pumping power. Lize Evens (UHasselt) investigates whether that scar can be repaired by allowing stem cells to evolve into heart cells.

Lize Evens

Studying biomedical sciences was an obvious choice for Lize, as she wants to find answers to challenging questions in health and disease. Because Lize got really hooked on cardiology research, she started her PhD at Hasselt University in the group of Professor Virginie Bito. With her work, she wants to understand the regenerative capacity of stem cells, in order to really replace lost cardiac tissue after a heart attack. She is hopeful that this new cellular therapy will make a real difference for future patients.

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