How can we support old laying hens to keep laying good eggs for longer?

Did you know that laying hens stay on a laying farm until they are 18 months old? "But maybe this could be 4 months longer, provided their health, welfare, and egg quality are still fine," says Karolien Langendries (ILVO). Together with her colleagues, she investigates what support old laying hens need so that they can lay good eggs for longer.

Farmers learning from farmers

Farmers constantly need new knowledge in this rapidly changing world, for example on how to deal with climate change or what to do with new pests and diseases that threaten their crops. "Research shows that the best way for farmers to meet these challenges is to learn from other farmers," Simon Lox explains. That's why Simon organises Farm Demonstration Networks. Watch him explain what all that entails.

The green gold of the future

Why do scientists sometimes call microalgae "the green gold"? Well, in addition to biofuels and astronaut food, you could use them to make sunscreen. These tiny algae contain substances that protect them from sunlight, which can also come in handy for humans. Unfortunately, they don't naturally produce enough of those substances. Elke Vereecke researches how to grow microalgae packed with those sunlight-protecting components.
KU Leuven

Is Japanese holly a good alternative to boxwood?

Away with bare boxwood bushes! The infamous boxwood moth went on a rampage in Flanders in recent years 🐛🌳 But don't panic! Meet Japanese holly, a robust alternative that is immune to these voracious caterpillars. The catch? The soil in many Flemish gardens is not acidic enough for this shrub to grow well. Bioengineer Esther Geukens will therefore tinker with the plants and the soil so that Japanese holly can thrive here.

Soy 'made in Belgium'

Soy, that's a crop grown in tropical countries like Brazil, right? Not if it depends on Margo Vermeersch (ILVO) and her colleagues. They want to grow soy in Belgium, so that in the future we will have to import less than the current 700,000 tons of soy per year. Margo is convinced: with a little more patience, we will soon be able to enjoy Belgian soy drinks! Watch the video.

A feedback culture tailored to your organization

"Top presentation yesterday! 👏 But that one slide with all those numbers could be slightly clearer." Feedback at work is crucial to your professional growth. But asking for it and giving it isn't always easy. Shana Mertens looks at how organizations can ensure that asking, giving, receiving, and using feedback becomes natural.
De Windt

Is the solution to obesity in the stool?

As many as 1 in 3 children struggle with being overweight. The solution seems simple: eat healthier and exercise. "Yet we find that this standard approach makes little difference in the long term," explains Kimberly De Windt. The key to helping these children may well lie in ... their stool 💩
Van der Straeten

How oral habits shape your teeth

Have you ever tried to unlearn an old habit, such as nail biting? That is easier said than done. This is also the case with bad oral habits, such as pushing your tongue against your teeth when swallowing. This can cause problems to your teeth, such as an upset position of your teeth. Charis Van der Straeten how a speech therapist can help children unlearn their bad mouth habits.

How to manage drug use in older adults with atrial fibrillation

More than half of the older population has to take at least five medicines a day. This often leads to mistakes, for example medicines interacting badly, increasing the risk of falls, hospitalisation, or even death. The key is medication optimisation: doctors should review medication intake, but unfortunately, they just don't have the time to do this for every patient. That is why Cheima Amrouch is working on a different approach.
Van de Casteele

Training tailored to your muscles

Do you have a lot of fast or rather slow muscle fibers? No worries if you don't know the answer. But for athletes, this is crucial info as it determines how best to train. Only there is one big problem, about 15 centimeters big to be precise .... That's how long the needle, used to remove a piece of muscle to find out someone's muscle fiber type, is. Sounds painful and it is. That's why Freek Van de Casteele is looking for new, reliable, and painless methods.
Van Der Biest

The impact of chemotherapy on your hearing and balance

Some 300,000 people overcame cancer in Belgium in the past decade. Great news, but there is a downside: chemotherapy can cause permanent damage to the sense of hearing and balance, leading to hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance problems. To better identify the problem, Heleen Vander Biest (UGent) will test patients' ears just before starting, during, and after chemotherapy.
De Visser
KU Leuven

Dismantle the brain tumour time bomb

If you get a glioblastoma, you usually only have about 15 months to live.This malignant tumour spreads rapidly through the brain and unfortunately cannot be cured. Yanti De Visser is working on a personalised treatment to already slow down the brain tumour - with success. "The first results show that our approach has the potential to extend patients' lives by years, rather than months," she says.