Van Tricht

Glaciers in Kyrgyzstan are disappearing at an alarming rate

Did you know that every two minutes, enough ice melts on Earth to fill around 400 Olympic swimming pools with its meltwater? "The urgency is real – glaciers worldwide are disappearing at an alarming rate. In various corners of the globe, millions rely on these majestic glaciers for their drinking water and agricultural needs." Dive into the eye-opening short trip with glaciologist Lander Van Tricht as he takes you on a glacier expedition in Kyrgyzstan.
De Ruyck

Exploring shareholder approval of environmental and social goals

Managers of large companies get bonuses for achieving financial goals, such as increasing profits. But what do shareholders think about giving these managers a bonus for environmental and social goals, such as reducing emissions or improving employee well-being? This is what Bettina De Ruyck looked into. "Bonuses for non-financial objectives are twice as common in managers' pay compared to ten years ago."
De Bock

How polluted is the rainwater in our city?

Birgit De Bock (Aquafin) shows you what a rainwater sample looks like after it washed down a heavy traffic road. Would you like to swim in this? Neither do the fish! That's why our rainwater has to be filtered before it is released into the river. Birgit explains how they tackle this at Aquafin.
De Deyn

Alzheimer's disease: from smoothie to fruit salad

Have you ever enjoyed a delicious smoothie? The way this tasty drink is made has similarities to how Alzheimer's disease research has been approached in the past decades. In this video, Lara De Deyn explains why she chooses a fruit salad approach in her research. A very nice metaphor to tell how Alzheimer's disease research is evolving.

In search of tobacco whiteflies and their transmissible viruses

The tobacco whitefly, an exotic fly smaller than a grain of rice, can kill almost any vegetable in a greenhouse. These flies already turned up in greenhouses of vegetable growers in our country, but we don't know how big the problem is. At least, for now. Because Fauve Maertens (ILVO) wants to change that by mapping the spread of the tobacco whitefly.
KU Leuven

How to treat the financially ill health care sector

Did you know that 20% of all healthcare expenses are 'waste'? "We are spending large sums of money on things that don't really improve patients' health, such as overtreatment, administrative efficiencies, and so on", says Joke Borzee. To treat our financially ill healthcare sector, she is working on a scoring model to assess the overall value of treatments. Watch her explain how this would work.
Martin Hermosilla

Creating new proteins for a future without diseases

Why do people get cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer's? Essentially because a protein key in our body does not fit in its respective lock. This is why Alvaro Martin is looking at removing defective keys and designing new protein keys. Keys that fit and can open the necessary locks, so that for example, our immune cells target and kill cancerous cells. "Protein design can be the key to unlocking a future without diseases."

How safe are our timber-frame buildings?

Have you ever seen a timber-frame building? 🏠 You might be wondering how safe such a structure actually is. Well, the truth is that we don't quite know yet. Structural engineer Dries Byloos 👷 tells you why and how he is pushing for safer and taller timber-frame buildings.

Is getting some fresh air always as healthy as we think?

In the few minutes you watch this video, you breathe in thousands of fine dust particles. And did you know that this particulate matter can be found in your brain as early as 24 hours later? Biomedicist Kenneth Vanbrabant counts particulate matter particles in brain sections of deceased people. In this way, he wants to gather enough evidence so that governments can draw up better regulations for our air quality.

Train your immune system and live to be 100 years old

Did you know that exercising is not only good for your health, but also has a positive impact on your immune system? Only scientists don't know exactly why. Lena Fonteyn dives deeper into the mystery of myokines - substances your muscle cells produce during exercise. "If we can unravel this secret, we can help you train your immune system and maybe reach 100 in a healthy way!"

How to scale up perovskite solar cells?

Sujith Reddy is working on perovskites, a promising new solar cell technology that captures more sunlight and costs less than conventional solar cells. Sounds great, right! But there's a catch: these perovskite solar cells ironically tend to break down when exposed to ... light. Sujith wants to uncover the mechanisms behind this degradation in order to improve perovskites and to use them on a larger scale.

Van den Bosch

What do your wisdom teeth and cancer have in common?

Fighting cancer with wisdom teeth - it almost sounds like the tooth fairy's fairy tale. And yet it is a fairy tale that could well come true. Jolien Van den Bosch (UHasselt) wants to use stem cells from wisdom teeth to develop a new therapy against cancer. One could even say she's fighting ... tooth and nail to make this happen.